Sauna & Steam Room Servicing

Expert Servicing by Aqua Platinum Servicing

Sauna and steam room service specialists

We provide regular maintenance visits or ad hoc breakdown repairs for residential and commercial steam rooms and saunas.

These services can range from electrical or lighting repairs to powerful deep cleaning of grout and tiles, tile renovations and steam generator services.

Ongoing steam room maintenance and servicing is essential to keep your steam room working to its full capacity and to ensure efficient heating from the steam generator.

With our team of engineers located throughout the UK, APS are always on hand to ensure a prompt response to your leisure facility.

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Sauna & Steam Room Servicing

Indepenent Surveying

Every swimming pool, spa, sauna or steam room is different and will require varying services. Here at Aqua Platinum, we provide a wide range of maintenance, servicing, surveying and more specifically designed to suit various requirements – both residentially and commercially.

With our combined years of experience, our team are experts in independent surveying for saunas and steam rooms. Whether a residential property sauna is in need of repair, or a commercial steam room requires regular servicing. We can help. From electrical servicing and repairs to structural repairs and surveying.


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