AHU Servicing

From annual maintenance to more frequent schedules

Air Handling Unit Servicing

To achieve the ideal indoor atmosphere and for optimal energy efficiency, environmental control is key. Air Handling Units (AHU) offer a better air quality and control of humidity, giving an enhanced sense of freshness and reduced chemical odours by introducing fresh air into the pool hall providing the best possible experience within the facility. By incorporating the AHU service within your APS service programme, we will be able to regularly check all of the key operating parameters of the AHU and ensure that it is always working to its full. Our AHU services also include annual service items to replace the annual service parts and to ensure that manufacturer guidelines are followed to maintain your warranty on the equipment.

Sunnyside Pumproom

Our APS technicians are fully Heatstar, Recotherm and Calorex trained.

By incorporating your AHU service within your APS service program, this will give you that more enjoyable swim experience, prevention from any major failings, catching those key component replacements early and protect any warranties.

We offer a full-service capability from annual maintenance for domestic customers to more frequent schedules for commercial clients. We recommend replacing the filters in your air handling unit at a minimum of once per year, improving indoor comfort and mitigate the risk for those suffering with respiratory allergies or illnesses.


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