Independent Surveys

Independent Swimming Pool Surveys

Whether your pool is looking aged and murky, or you have recently moved and adopted a pool you know nothing about, our independent surveys range from a one-off health and safety checks right through to full refurbishment.

Carried out by a fully ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) qualified specialist with over 20 years of experience within the industry, most of our surveys are free of charge and come complete with a full outline of works required and recommendations, whether you chose to proceed with any further works or not.


  • Automatic Pool Cover
  • Environmental Control
  • Equipment Safety Checks
  • Filtration Checks
  • Dosing Equipment
  • Leak Detection
  • Finishes Surveys
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New Home Pool Inspections

We inspect and survey all types of swimming pools, from your typical garden pool to commercial pools including hotels, leisure centres, schools and more. If you’re buying a new house with a swimming pool then a pool survey is a worthy investment, even if everything looks good at first glance, a trained expert will be able to spot things you might miss. Having a pool survey identify any issues may help prevent future costs of swimming pool repair once you’ve purchased the house. From basic visual inspections to give you the reassurance that everything is running as it should, to our full surveys to identify any leaks, pressure changes, structural damage and more.

Commercial Swimming Pool Surveys

From hospitality and leisure centres to schools and more. Our team are experts in swimming pool inspections, we ensure your swimming pools are ready to be used by the public. Whether that means they pass certain certifications, or have a specific use case – our team can help. If you know your swimming pool is in need of repair, then our commercials surveys will uncover what needs repairing, with expected timeframes and costs. We know that your swimming pool is a big investment. That’s why we’ll take the time to inspect it thoroughly and give you an honest assessment of what needs repairing, with expected timescales for each task involved in fixing any problems – so if something does go wrong then at least there are no surprises!

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